Email Service Migration

In an effort to increase reliability and service Broadband Corp is partnering with a new email service provider.
Existing customers can start to migrate over to the new system by filling in the form below. This form will check that you have an existing account and that the username ( and password match your existing email account. The system will then migrate your existing email to the new system over the next 24 hours. After you have validated your email account and accepted the user agreement, the new webmail interface can be reached by going to the following link in your web browser

At this time please continue to use your current email service / program until the final migration. As the new email system will only receive new mail once every 24 hours.

After we have completed the change over you will automatically be moved over without having to change any bookmarks / favorites or server settings. We will email you with the updated migration date.  Any accounts that have not been validated with the below form maybe lost.  So please verify your existing account below.

If you receive an error when using the below form, please check that you are using your entire email address as the username ( and that your password is correct. Your password will be at least 8 characters long and will include at least one of the following:
* A capital letter
* A lower case letter
* A number
* A special characters (!@#$%^&*)

If you continue to have an issue or have any questions, please call our helpdesk for assistance @952-215-3800