The IN Plan & Lightspeed

The following are our Internet access packages for customer in side city limits and limited rural locations.  Certain restrictions and limitations do apply.

In-Plan Advantage – Up to 12mb / 1mb*

No hidden fees, leasing or other charges.  That is right your bill will actually be $39.95
4x to 8x faster than basic DSL**
Service usage limited only by our AUP.

$39.95 per month
Lightspeed – Up to 50+mb / 5+mb*
Over 30x faster then basic DSL**
Includes 10gb of usage, extra usage is billed at $10 per 5gb block.
$20.00 per month
Wi-Fiber – 50mb to 10gb plans available
Custom designed plan to meet any Commercial / Industrial need, In and out of town.
Call for custom quote


All packages include:

  • 5 Email Addresses
  • Low Latency Network
  • Static IP Addresses available*

*(available on any plan for $15 per IP per month)

MAXX & MAXX+ Packages

MAXX Value – Up to 3mb/512Kbps*
MAXX+ Value – Up to 5mb/768Kbps*
Includes 75GB of usage, $1.50 per gb of additional usage.
$49.95 per month
MAXX Advantage – Up to 5mb/768Kbs*
MAXX+ Advantage – Up to 10mb/1mbps*
Includes 150GB of usage, $1.50 per gb of additional usage.
$74.95 per month
MAXX Premium – Up to 10mb/1mb*
MAXX+ Premium – Up to 25mb/3mbps*
Includes 225GB of usage, $1.50 per gb of additional usage.
$99.95 per month
Custom Service Level Agreement
Custom Plan with Performance Guarantees (call for info)
Starting at $199.95
MAXX+ service plans not available in all areas


Usage Description

The Broadband MAXX plans have an included amount of data usage. Additional usage will be applied on a per month basis. This charge is calculated and due at the end of an individual accounts billing period.
A few examples of the amount of data included with the Broadband MAXX Value plan at 75 GB:

  • Send 15 million plain text e-mails (at 5KB/e-mail)
  • Download 18,750 songs (at 4 MB/song)
  • Download 37 standard-definition movies (at 2 GB/movie)
  • Download 100+ (1 hour) standard-definition TV shows.
  • Download 9 high-definition movies (at 8 GB/movie)

As has been explained the type of traffic you expect to utilize can have a dramatic effect on what service level will be the best solution for your needs.


All packages require on site evaluation and installation.

  • Current installation charges start at $150
  • Most installations will be charged a standard fee, however some installations require extra time or equipment and those will be billed accordingly.

More Information

If you have any questions about these packages, please contact a sales representative at (952) 215-3800.

*Speeds are in download/upload format. The first number is the download limit, the second number is the upload limit.

**Compared to a typical rural DSL phone line connection of 1.5 to 3mb.

*** May not be able to burst to full speed depending on variable radio signal strength and network load.