Ultimate Support Plan

Broadband Corp is saving you money with Broadband Corp’s Ultimate Support Plan.  Get complete support for your computer and network.  We will even repair a damaged device at no additional charge.

The Ultimate Support Plan Includes:

  • Phone Support
    Call Broadband Corp and a member of our Helpdesk Team will answer your questions and assist you with computer related issues.  No more trying to understand someone in a different country as our support staff is headquartered here in MN.  We will assist with almost anything from help installing a printer, programing a wireless router, to assistance removing a virus.  This support is available Monday – Friday 9am to 9pm.  Support is included an all devices registered with your account.
  • Computer Repair
    Broadband Corp has you covered.  Any registered device that requires repair be it hardware or software such as a general maintenance like yearly tune-ups or a blown power supply is taken care of with our cost effective solution.

    • Includes pickup and delivery of the computer
    • Wireless router replacement
    • Parts included for replacement are at Broadband Corp’s discretion.
      The following parts are included in this plan:

      • Hard Drive (up to $80)
      • Sound Card (up to $60)
      • Video Card (up to $60)
      • Nic Card (up to $25)
      • CD Drive (up to $60)
      • DVD Rom (up to $60)
      • DVD Burner (up to $70)
        • Ram Stick (up to $60)
        • Power Supply (up to $60)
        • Fan (up to $50)
        • IDE Cables (up to $25)
        • Motherboards (up to $100)
        •  Processors (up to $100)
        • Wireless Router (up to $50)

      Laptops parts are covered by this plan to the ‘up to’ prices listed above.

    • **** Not everything can be repaired.
    • Broadband Corp is not responsible for data- the Customer is responsible for backing up data before sending PC in for repair.
    • Some restrictions do apply.


Broadband Corp customers also receive the following Value Added services:

  • Wire Maintenance
    Broadband Corp’s Wire Maintenance is designed to protect you from maintenance visit charges.  If you experience trouble with your Internet or other Digital products from Broadband Corp’s services offerings and the technician makes a service call to your home and finds an issue with the outside or inside wiring and jacks, there is no charge.  Wire Maintenance includes Broadband Corp installed CAT5 cable, surge suppressors and telephone wire.


  • $7.95 per month (includes one registered computer and home wireless router)
  • New accounts require a $150 setup fee
  • Options:
    • Add an additional devices to the plan for $4.95 each per month

The Ultimate Support Plan requires a two year commitment, which renews automatically.  30-day termination notice required.  Computer hardware must be registered with Broadband Corp to qualify for the plan.  Customer must subscribe to Broadband Corp’s Internet service to qualify. Any new equipment or changes to equipment may require a new two year commitment.   Some restrictions may apply.