Wireless Internet Access

Using wireless technology, we provide High Speed Internet access where the cable and DSL companies will not go. We are a full solution provider able and willing to meet any customer’s need.

Our Advantage

Our team has worked with various technology in the industry and that is why we opted to go with the technology developed by a fortune 100 company that is designed from the ground up to bring reliable and fast Internet to any environment. Our years of experience bring an added dimension to the quality and dedication we have to our customers. With the humble beginnings of a small town company with small town values, we believe in maintaining outstanding customer service and strive every day to meet all of our customers’ needs.


Always Connected – With wireless Internet service, you will always be connected to the Internet.Unlike dial-up, there is no wait time when connecting to the Internet.

Speed – Don’t wait with our wireless Internet service. Our wireless service is 20+ times faster than dialup.* Our solution is comparable to DSL offerings from the phone companies but does not require a phone line service.

Multimedia – With a high speed wireless connection you can download music, movies and games. Bring entertainment to your living room with our high speed service.

Connect – With high speed Internet access, connect with family and friends through email, instant messaging, games and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

For More Information

Go to our prices page, call us at (952) 215-3800 and ask about our high speed wireless offerings or send us an email through our contact page.

* Compared to 56Kbps dialup service. Speed varies with each package as well as link quality and network conditions.