Phone Support

Phone features and services for your VOIP phone

To access calling features pick up your phone and use the following Star Codes listed below

Test E911 – *99
Test to confirm e911 is active
Call Forwarding – *CF (*23)
Allows an incoming call to be redirected to another number
Privacy Options – *PO (*76)
Includes Blocking Outbound Caller ID and Telemarketer Block Tone
Follow Me – *FM (*36)
Call forwards when your incoming call is not answered
Do Not Disturb – *DD (*33)
When activated your phone will not ring
Simultaneous Ring – *SR (*77)
Allows you to have multiple destinations ring simultaneously when any calls are received on your phone number
Inbound Call Blocking – *CB (*22)
Includes Inbound Caller ID Handling Options
Conference Room – *CR (*27)
Connect up to five other parties
Caller History – *CH (*24)
Call log
Call Waiting – *CW (*29)
Allows you to be notified when someone is trying to call you while you are on the phone
Call Return – *69
A voice recording provides you with the phone number of the last caller, the date and time of the call, and the option to return the call automatically
Fallback – *FB (*32)
Allows an incoming call to be redirected to another number if service is unavailable (ex. Cell phone number)


To access voicemail pick up your phone and press *VM (*86)

  • Press 1listen to new messages
    • 3for advanced options
      • 1 to send reply
      • 3 to hear message envelope (date, time, and number)
    • 5 to repeat current messages
    • 7 to delete messages
    • 8 to forward message to another user
    • 9 to save message
    • * for help
    • # to exit
  • Press 2to change VM message folders
    • 0 for new messages
    • 1 for old messages
    • 2 for work messages
    • 3 for family messages
    • 4 for friend messages
    • # to cancel
  • Press 3for advanced options
    • 1 to send reply
    • 3 to hear message envelope (date, time, and number)
  • Press 0To create or change your greeting
    • 1 to record your unavailable message
    • 2 to record your busy message
    • 3 to record your name
    • 4 to manage your temporary greeting
    • 5 to change your password
  • After selecting message option to manage:
    • 1 listen to your recorded message
    • 2 record a new message
    • 3 accept your recorded message
Press * help Press # to exit