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Yes, we are bringing Internet to you in the woods, on the lake and on the farm. Not only is Broadband Corp building a network, we are building relationships with communities.

Broadband Corp is stability, reliability, and affordability. We use state of the art equipment and provide outstanding customer service

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Broadband Corp acquires Cologne-ISP

McLEOD COUNTY, MN – Broadband Corp of Hutchinson announced today that it has successfully acquired Cologne-ISP.

Broadband Corp has been providing high-speed Internet to approximately 2,000 square miles of south central rural Minnesota since 2004. Through this time, Broadband Corp has been able to lower prices, increase speeds, and update the network while adding services and coverage area.

Broadband Corp will be re-branding Cologne-ISP services as “The IN plan.” Existing Cologne-ISP customers can keep service levels they currently have, but will also have options for faster and more dependable Internet, video, and voice services.

Cologne-ISP provides Internet service to residents of Cologne, Norwood Young America, Hamburg, Mayer, New Germany, Benton Township, Young America Township, Hancock Township, and Camden Township. Cologne-ISP focused on providing 3Mbs plans within city limits for $24.95. Another available plan is 1.5Mbs for $19.95

Broadband Corp’s purchase of Cologne ISP will add an additional 14 broadcast sites to strengthen coverage within the Broadband Corp existing footprint.

Cologne City Administrator John Hendel said, “The city of Cologne looks forward to the service and knowledge that Broadband Corp will bring to the Cologne-ISP network.  As a city, we were able to bring wireless Internet service to a level that served the needs of the customers, and Broadband Corp will strengthen that service.”

Broadband Corp is a provider of wireless broadband high-speed Internet, as well as voice and video services to residential and commercial subscribers in the secondary and rural markets. With changing technology and added investments, Broadband ...


Rural Areas Enjoy Speedy Internet

For some local country folks, the days of slow Internet are over, with wireless broadband Internet becoming available to more than 90 percent of the state. Jami Berg, who lives eight miles north of Howard Lake, first tried wireless broadband March 2008, with a 20-day trial thru Verizon Wireless. “The first night, I loved it so much I knew I was never going back,” he said. Before signing up for wireless, Berg’s family had used dial-up Internet service. An average broadband line is about nine times faster than the best dial-up connection, according to an article from www.explainthatstuff.com, while a quick broadband line can be more than 100 times faster. Wireless broadband Internet first gained popularity about 10 years ago, but many people are still unaware of its existence, said Anthony Will of Hutchinson, who has been in the industry since 1999. “We give people Internet where they’ve been told ‘no’ over and over again by the telephone companies,” said Will, who is vice president of a Victoria-based company called Broadband. Ben and Roxanne Raymond, who live six miles north of Howard Lake, said wireless Internet has been very cost-effective for them. The family recently discontinued their satellite TV service, and instead, watch movies online. Roxanne, who works in Eden Prairie, said she also uses the Internet to work from home when road conditions are bad. Within a city, Internet service is usually provided through cable and DSL companies, but in the country, the service is often not available. As ...


2016 MNBound Eagle Cam

The Minnesota Bound Solar Eagle cam powered by Broadband Corp.

Broadband Corp designed a camera system that is 100% solar powered, has night vision and sound, all while running across Broadband Corp’s wireless Internet.

The 2016 Minnesota Bound Eagle cam is the 7th season and was installed approximately 80 feet in the air. A stand that holds the solar panels and equipment was mounted near the base of the tree. From there a radio from Broadband sends a signal to additional equipment located at the Hutchinson CO-OP Agronomy plant where Paul Barchenger and all the folks have been so great to work with. Please enjoy the cam and feel free to share the www.mnbound.com web address with your friends so they too can watch the eagles in action!

The Loon Cam

What else has Broadband been up to? We are supplying the camera and feed for Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound live loon web cam. If you are at all an admirer of the great outdoors and specifically loons, you will enjoy this site. This is also an incredible opportunity to show your young ones an up close view of an unfolding miracle of the life cycle of loons. Live Loon Cam!

You can also watch Minnesota Bound on Kare 11 Sunday evenings after the 10:00 news!


All donates are welcome to help with the cost to keep the web cam operational.


The Eagle Cam is possible with help from our Partners.