Privacy Policy


Broadband Solutions takes the privacy of its customers and potential customers seriously. This is a plain English policy of what information we may collect and what we may do with that information.


To improve this website to best suit our customers, we may collect basic information about your browser and browser capabilities. Browser demographic information is completely anonymous and can’t be used to identify a user.

Third Party Disclosure

We will not disclose your any personal information to our customers unless its necessary to provide a requested service. If a third party is involved in providing a service, we will inform you of their privacy policy.


Cookies are only used on this website when you access a secured area. This allows us to identify your computer and allow you to access your account information or email account. Cookies will not store personal information, but an indicator to personal information stored on our server.


Broadband Solutions considers the security if its customers personal information as its highest priority. The following precautions have been taken to guarantee the security of this information.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to access personal data. This is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce sites to allow customers to access their data securely.
  • Limited Access to customer information. Our employees will only have access to the customer information necessary to provide you with service or support.
  • Backups are kept encrypted in a secure location.


For more information about networking monitoring on ISP accounts, please read the the subscriber agreement.