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Remote Support

Our Ultimate Support customer enjoy the benefits of having a qualified technician work on their PC remotely.  If a technician has requested please click the link below to join a support session.



Speed Test

There are several speed test sites on the Internet. These tests will test from your computer to the test sites server location. Not all speed test sites are created equal and many will have varying results due to many different factors. To test your speed we recommend Be aware that you will need to change your settings to have the site read in kilobits vs megabits. Any of these tests can change from minute to minute as the load on our network and the rest of the Internet, changes with use.

Basics of the Internet

The Internet is a network of computers connecting to each other to provide a variety of services. The network that connects all those computers is an imperfect mesh. Most networks connection to multiple other networks, but some computers such as ISP customers can have only one connection to the Internet. This is the lowest layer of the Internet.

All computers on the Internet are identified by what’s called an IP address. Its like a telephone number to connect to when you want to access the services on that computer. Most people wont be able to remember numbers so a domain name service was created. Each time you access a web site with its domain name, it has to be looked up in the DNS server provided by your ISP.

Problems with Connecting

What you can and cant connect to will give an indication of where the problem is. If you cant connect to any sites, then the problem is with our immediate network, in which case you would call our support department. If you can connect to our website, but no other site; then the problem is most likely with our connection to the Internet. We do have systems to inform us of this if it happens and can respond to take care of the problem.

If you cant connect to certain sites, but you can connect to others, then the problem is most likely with the other side of the connection or network noise caused by problems by higher tier networks. A situation like this is beyond our control and in the control of the owners of the site you are trying to connect to or of the network providers in between.

Service Suspension

We will suspend your Internet access for non-payment or virus activity on your account. In such a case, you will see a portal page requiring a login when you try access websites other than our own. In this case you can still access our account website and make a payment on your account.

If these articles don’t answer your questions, please submit a ticket or call us at (952) 215-3800.