The IN Plan & Lightspeed

The following are our Internet access packages for customer in side city limits and limited rural locations.  Certain restrictions and limitations do apply.

In-Plan Advantage – Up to 12mb / 1mb*

No hidden fees, leasing or other charges.  That is right your bill will actually be $39.95
4x to 8x faster than basic DSL**
Service usage limited only by our AUP.

$39.95 per month
Lightspeed – Up to 50+mb / 5+mb*
Over 30x faster then basic DSL**
Includes 10gb of usage, extra usage is billed at $10 per 5gb block.
$20.00 per month
Wi-Fiber – 50mb to 10gb plans available
Custom designed plan to meet any Commercial / Industrial need, In and out of town.
Call for custom quote